Love: Beyond Feelings

“Feelings are like sales prices. They are subject to change without notice.” -Derek Q. Sanders ‘I love you’ is among the sweetest words that our ears will ever hear, especially when the words are uttered from the lips of someone … Continued

When A Woman Loves

“Love is like a mirror, only it casts a perfect reflection of the ones we love, not our own.” – Derek Q. Sanders Love focuses outward on the recipient of its gift, not the giver. In short, “love ain’t about … Continued

Friends: Love Asexually

“I’m not ready for a serious relationship. I just want to be friends.” What does it mean for a man and woman to be friends, but not serious? The question, by implication, assumes that friendship is not a serious relationship. … Continued

The Soul: Ties That Bind

A definition of terminology is always necessary in order to gain a proper understanding and to engage in meaningful coherent dialogue. Otherwise, individual experiences that are unverifiable, as they are largely subjective, become the foundation for discussions that may represent … Continued

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