“One of the biggest mistakes made when dating is not just who we date. It’s how we date. When the how is met with purpose, you will begin to make better decisions in not only who you date, but how you date them.”

Relationships are not unlike any other journey. There should be a well-thought-out destination before the journey begins. The destination will always determine the path that should be taken to arrive there safely. None of us would ever pack our luggage, hop in our cars, and begin driving for hours with the thought in mind, “let’s just see where this goes.” It would never enter our minds to travel using this approach. Yet, today so many of us date this way.

We date people and become deeply involved with them physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually without knowing the nature or the status of the relationship that we have given ourselves to body, mind, and spirit. We only hope that what we feel inside means as much to them as it does to us. That’s a gamble that love would never ask us to take.

Hello, my name is Derek Q. Sanders. I am a native Detroiter, now living in Nashville, TN. I could go on with the usual personal information blast with lofty credentials which does nothing to connect you to me as a person or my purpose. Here’s what you should know ‘about me’ that matters.

“Purpose-Driven dating” is the term I coined to represent dating where marriage is the destination not casual sex or other misuses of opportunites for a meaningful relationship. I still believe in that kind of love. Do you still believe or has a past of failed relationships caused you to lose hope in the possibility of experiencing lasting love? I can help you find the hope you have lost in these pages ahead. If you have never lost hope, I will reinforce the love you still believe in. Start by clicking here to read my blog page.