derek-q-sanders-fb2-yellowHave you ever had questions that you wanted to ask a man, but didn’t know which man to ask to get an honest answer? You were afraid to ask the man in your life for fear that he may not know how to take the questions or may not give real honest answers.

In these pages are answers to questions that women have asked or wanted to ask about men and relationships with men. There are many more questions that I’m sure will arise as you begin to read and reflect on these “21 Questions”. This is only the beginning. If you have questions, I have answers.

I don’t presume to speak for all men. I can’t. Men are different and have various foundational beliefs which govern their thoughts, actions, and behaviors. What I can assure you is that the answers within reflect the mind of a mature man who highly esteems women and strives to learn more to have an even better understanding of women.

May this book create an atmosphere where men and women can have some very much needed open and honest dialogue to help us better understand and relate to one another in our relationships.

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My newly released woman’s dating guide” 

Dating is and always will be a hot topic and a go-to subject for anyone looking to gain an audience with little effort. That is not this author. Derek Q. Sanders takes a different approach and a different point of view than what is typically expected from men. This book approaches the subject of dating honestly, openly, and critically. Derek writes to women about men and relevant relationship/dating issues not about the “rules of the game”. Love is not a game, neither is the heart a playground. He makes clear the distinctions between adult males and authentic men. Read this book if you are interested in purpose-driven dating. This author believes in dating for the purpose of marriage. In these pages, he offers a wealth of insight to help you along the way including a list of probing questions a woman should ask a man who expresses an interest in dating her. How about that for a bonus? Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and enlightened!

Click here for your copy – Out-Dated:: Rethinking How Men Date Women

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