Love: A Male Perspective

Love: A Male Perspective


Years ago, I started my very first blog page entitled, “love from a male perspective.” I had some ideas about love & relationships that I wanted to share that I thought might be relevant/beneficial to the discussion. At the time, I was so insecure and apprehensive about sharing my thoughts publicly that I chose not to use an actual photo of myself to maintain anonymity.

As I wrote, my heart and soul spilled from (virtual) pen and paper on the blank pages of my computer screen, line after line seeping out as I sat there alone clothed only in the nakedness of my transparency. A lot has changed over the course of those six years. Many lessons have been learned and many refresher courses in the school of life, love and relationships have I attended.

One important lesson in particular was found in the very title of my first blog page itself, “love from a male perspective”. Over the years, I have come to understand that love offers no male or female perspectives. Love lives in the realm of truth. Love is not the telling of opposing sides of the same story. There are no two sides to love. Love favors neither males less nor female more.

Love offers its vast bounty to both woman and man to experience and enjoy equally between them. Often, I am called upon by ladies to give a ‘male perspective’ on various relationship scenarios that represent their past, present, and even future interactions with men. Though, I have much to offer to the discussion of love & relationships, that which I offer is not beneficial to women because I offer a male perspective.

If there is any benefit to be gained from anything I or any other male may offer on the subject of love, it is only when that which is offered is found to be true. That which is true is true objectively which transcends gender. Truth requires much more than the mere citing of unexamined or inadequately examined experiences that form the basis for many varied and conflicting perspectives.

A woman will contact me for a ‘male perspective’ on an issue where there is a disagreement between she and her man. If a male perspective was what she wanted, she only needed to hear the voice of the man she was having the disagreement with. If the “male perspective” was desired, why would she consult one male over another?

As well, it would seem that he and I would naturally share the same perspective considering we share the same natural classification as males. I don’t subscribe to the aforementioned. I am only following the premise to its logical conclusion for validity which I find lacking. Though we experience life in separate bodies, we share the experience of love between us.

Male and female perspectives of love are especially useful for division when we tell our side of the story in painful arbitrations. Love in knowledge and experience is beneficial when it draws us together in its truth.

“There are two sides to every story except the story of love. Love has but one side told by two people.” -Derek Q. Sanders

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