Sex For Love: The Foreign Exchange

Sex For Love: The Foreign Exchange

It has been said that “women give sex to get love and men give love to get sex”. This statement may not be true across the board but, there is definitely some truth to it.

Women tend to be interested in more than just the initial act of sex itself. Men, on the other hand, usually reach their final destination at this point. Granted, some women now just settle for sex and may only be looking to satisfy that particular need when engaging in sexual activity with men. However, it is doubtful that is all they are after. Perhaps they settle for less because of what they may have unfortunately experienced in relationships with men that did not measure up. In any case, if the premise set here is true, the ladies get the short end of the deal.

When women give sex to get love, they do not get the return that they are banking on. Sex is not a ransom for love. You may experience an orgasm but, not love. As good as that may make a woman feel it is short-lived. However, a man that displays the semblance of love to get sex gets his pay off when sex is performed. He gets exactly what he is after each and every time.

That is not to suggest that every man has ill intentions when he shows love to a woman. To thicken the plot even more, love is not usually what he is giving you. It is affection with strings attached. True love has no strings attached. It is not given to get something in return especially not under false pretenses. Love is neither ransom nor reward.

It is difficult enough understanding what love is in a “me” society but, coupled with Hollywood’s influence things get even more confusing. Hollywood paints a picture of love that makes it the identical twin of sex (maybe the evil twin the way it is regularly presented).

These words have become synonymous each with the other when they can be as opposite as north and south. Love is a decision; a behavior. It is not contingent on a feeling. That is why when couples exchange nuptials they make a “promise” to love each other. Think about that. There is a promise made to “love” in the future but no promise made related to feelings at all. As for sex, if the “feeling” is right well, things can happen whether people love each other or not. In a lot of cases that is all it takes.

Many times people attempt to build a meaningful relationship where the only bond is sex and not love. This arrangement rarely lasts if ever. Sex does not help couples endure the tests and trials that will happen in every relationship. It takes something far greater than the exchange of bodily fluids to weather the storms that life will hurl your way to test the foundations of your commitment.

Don’t cheat yourself. Love cannot be bought or bartered. If it could, it would demand a much higher price than sex.

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  1. Men who have the desire for sex and want to “leave it there” should choose women that have sex and leave it there as well. Prostitutes are probably a great choice for those men that prefer “no strings attached”. Sex comes “ala carte” in that exchange. Both parties get what they want it would seem.

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