When A Woman Loves

When A Woman Loves

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“Love is like a mirror, only it casts a perfect reflection of the ones we love, not our own.”

– Derek Q. Sanders

Love focuses outward on the recipient of its gift, not the giver. In short, “love ain’t about you.” It’s about the one to whom your love is directed. That is the, ever self-less, nature of true love.

Those souls who have truly acquainted themselves with love seek the greater good of their significant other before their own lives. Love is the sweetest sacrifice. Love is strength shown in humility. Love changes its giver and the gifted alike. That’s the power of love.

What’s often missed or overlooked is the necessity of self-love. There is a place for self-love within its proper context. There is a healthy love of self that is not an overindulgent selfishness, but a gratefulness for the gift itself.

A love of self is necessary in order to love another as they should be loved. Before one can give love properly, they must first embrace love. They are then able to give from its abundance.

That love is a reservoir that enables one to love another. Love is the greatest of all gifts. It is as strong as death. It changes lives for the better for all who will embrace it in all its glory.

When A Woman Loves

When a woman loves, she loves for real, as the muse goes. No truer refrain has ever parted two lips in song. It’s in a woman’s very nature to nurture, like a mother to the child she loves dearly.

Her love is as natural as the morning dew that kisses each blade of grass it meets, with a peaceful serenade that brings with it a calming presence at the dawning of the day.

Love flows from her heart like the river to the sea barely able to contain itself as its outpouring floods the heart it fills. Her love gives strength.

An honorable man protects her heart as the self-less giving of love makes her vulnerable. In this perfect space is where true intimacy begins organically.

In the hands of a fool, her precious gift of love is wasted. The emotional damage can follow her for years to come.

Love was never meant to feel like a gamble. Love is the greatest sacrifice. A sacrifice is born of love. A gamble is born of greed.

The Enemy Of Love

The greatest enemy of love is not hate as one would typically think. It’s fear which is much more subtle and unassuming. Fear gains root when love has been rejected or otherwise misused or abused in prior relationships.

Fear places limits on love by robbing us of the very same gift that can heal those wounds. Fear causes us to protect ourselves from its saving grace. Choose carefully who you love, as all are not open to be loved.

You cannot save someone against their will, neither can you love those that choose to reject the love offer. Love is as strong as death, but love never imposes its will upon any of us. That is the nature of death, not the gift of love.

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