Long Before “I Do”

Long Before “I Do”

a_happy_marriage_picture_166776 Long before she graces the most beautiful gown imaginable with long flowing train in tow and long before he dons his tuxedo in full sartorial splendor as dapper as any man could fathom, long before bridesmaids and groomsmen have been carefully selected, and long before several hours have been devoted to planning their special day, and the first dollar has left his wallet to pay for their special day, there was just one man and one woman who alone made a very special decision that would set the stage for the monumental life-changing event just described. Love is a decision made long before a man and woman say “I do”. The exchange of those vows is the culmination of that decision that began long before. It is that foundation upon which the words “I do” rest. Love is actually a recurring decision that begins very early in a relationship. It is far more than a sentiment or lofty affirmation that two conjure up when the mood is right or just something said to set the tone for intimate escapades. It is made daily in the lives of two people who have opted to devote their lives to one another. A man makes that decision each and every time he resists the temptation to act upon an opportunity to engage in illicit carnal acts with other women. Those opportunities may be many but, love is the motivating factor that helps him to remain faithful. That decision is deliberate and just. A woman makes that decision each time she decides to trust a man with her heart. Undoubtedly, she has been hurt before. Sure, it is not the fault of the man that follows but, nonetheless she is understandably fragile as well as guarded. It takes great sacrifice, courage, and love for her to allow him entrance into her innermost sanctum. Love gives her the courage. It is deliberate and just. Daily they make conscious decisions to love by their very actions. Those decisions are not without sacrifice. It is impossible to offer love without the gift of sacrifice. Both make the decision long before they say “I do”. Each step they take together. Each decision they make apart for the benefit of their union is an act of and a decision to love. As the days become weeks, the weeks become months, and the months become years, they look back and it is evident that their love was expressed in deed and not just empty words often whispered from flattering lips and screamed from the mouths of fools. The journey, though long, has lasting and rewarding implications. A man and woman lay a foundation of love and build upon it for life. Make your words count for more than just the moment. Words are easy to come by especially when they are empty words spoken in the heat of the moment. Those words will have lingering and lasting effects either for the building of a lasting relationship or the detriment of a relationship that may have had promise. Remember that your daily decisions are a clear testament of the love that you profess to your significant other. Choose carefully actions that correspond to those words

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