Love is never the result of a fall as the popular phrase, “Falling in love”, suggests however romantic it may sound to your ears or mine from decades of programming and social engineering via film, television, fairytales, and other influential … Continued

“Sole Mate”

A “soulmate”, by implication, must be a “sole mate” if there is just one perfect match for us or this notion of love falls apart at the seams, but is there really one person that’s made just for you and … Continued

“Opposites Subtract”

They say “numbers don’t lie”. Let’s see if we can look at numbers in comparison to human relationships and allow them to teach us some relative truths to live by. Mathematically speaking, one would never say “opposites attract”. It’s understood almost … Continued

The Heart Of A Man

There is a prevailing myth that a man’s hearts is built ford-tough. It’s thought by some that men are “a-motional” (the ‘a’ prefix means without) and not emotional. Men are largely thought to be able to, in a figurative sense, … Continued

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